Community Support


Community Support 


PVF’s first priority is to serve and support the local community. PVF’s volunteers are organizing lots of activities and programs to support the local community. These activities are food drive for low income families, community outreach activities, friendship, thanksgiving, teacher appreciation dinners, and book club. These activities help PVF volunteers to become caring members of the local community.


Food drive for low income families

To help the low income and needy families, PVF organizes campaigns to collect donations once or twice a year. PVF’s volunteers help and support local food drives by volunteering in those activities. PVF plans to be in touch with the local homeless shelters and soup kitchens to provide them with food.  


Community outreach activities 

In order to reach a wider community and to benefit as many people as possible, PVF does not only host its events at its facility at 270 Main St, Agawam but also prefers to collaborate and conduct its events in other local institutions such as libraries, schools and churches. 

Friendship dinners, Thanksgiving dinner, Teacher appreciation dinner

Annual friendship dinners are organized by PVF to bring together the community leaders, elected officials, NGO’s, clergies, academicians, and the people to foster mutual understanding, respect and love. The Friendship dinners include a keynote speech on the topic of the year like “poverty and hunger, peace building, the role of education in social justice”, dinner, a video presentation about the theme, art exhibition, and award ceremony. Friendship dinners are flagship events of PVF, therefore connections and friendship built during these dinners widen our horizon. 


During Thanksgiving, PVF invites local community leaders, foreign friends to a dinner prepared by our volunteers. 

Teacher appreciation dinner will be organized for teachers who prepare new generations. This organization will be held on Teacher Appreciation Week and our teachers will be thanked and presented with gifts by children.

Book club

PVF organizes book clubs on a regular basis (weekly and monthly) to discuss a selected section of a book. Participants gather in PVF and express their ideas and share their understanding about the assigned topics. 

The time, date, name of the books, and magazines will be announced through our website and social media.


Interfaith activities

PVF hosts events like Abraham’s Table where people from different faith backgrounds come together and share their understanding of a selected subject. These events help everyone to understand other perspectives. 


Seminars, lectures, panels, brunch: 

PVF organizes seminars and panels to inform and benefit people on various topics by inviting keynote speakers and experts in their fields. These events can take place in various locations and they may be collaborated with other similarly misioned organizations. They will be announced to the public through PVF’s website and social media accounts.