PVF provides various educational activities throughout the year such as summer school, after-school tutoring, weekend schools, language courses, and conversation clubs. These educational activities aim to contribute students through not only school work such as reading and math but also language, cultural and religious education, sports, and social skills. These activities are open to all and they are announced on the PVF’s website. Dedicated volunteers of PVF, who are either educators or has a background in education run the educational events.  

Summer school

Summer schools are held in July. They are a bridge to fill the educational gap forming between semesters. On top of social activities such as sports, cultural and historical studies, educational sessions are held to retain the knowledge our students have accumulated at their schools.  

After school

After schools are tutoring activities that help students with their school projects and homework. They are held during the academic year. It is open to students between 4th and 8th grades. 


Weekend school

Weekend school is conducted on Saturdays or Sundays. Main emphasis at the weekend school is to improve language skills and cultural awareness of our students. In addition, art and sportive activities are provided. It is open to students between 1st and 3rd grades.

Language courses 

Upon demand, PVF provides or will provide Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Spanish language courses. Minimum class size must be five for PVF to provide the language courses. 

Conversation clubs 

Conversation clubs are informal gatherings where a topic is discussed by the attendees. Subjects could be selected from a wide range of fields such as history, language, religion, sociology and psychology. Conversation clubs meet regularly.